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Chevron and Entergy Employees

Being based in the Gulf South means that many of our clients either work or have worked for utility companies like Chevron and Entergy.

These companies have very complex pension plans and retirement packages. You need a skilled and experienced partner to help you navigate through the multitude of decisions you’ll have to make as you transition to retirement.

We’ll help you weigh your monthly payment options against the option of a lump-sum rollover, ensure that your 401(k) benefits are maximized and, if you’ve not yet retired, we’ll talk through what your options are if your company decides to downsize.

At CBD Wealth, our team has been helping Entergy and Chevron employees make the smooth transition into retirement for over 20 years. We know the ins and out of your industry’s retirement structures—let us help you make the most of your hard work. Partner with us and benefit from our experience.

CBD Wealth Management is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Chevron or Entergy.