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Preparing for Retirement

If you’ve started to ask yourself if or when you might be ready to retire, then you’re ready to meet with the team at CBD.

Formulating a smart, carefully considered plan before retirement is crucial to a smooth transition—by outlining your personal retirement goals and an investment strategy with the help of our professional team, you can make informed, confident choices about your next steps.

As with most things in life, a little preparation goes a long way. It’s typical for clients to begin working with us long before they actually retire; you don’t have to be at the end of a career to need assistance with wealth management or financial planning. There’s no better way to prepare for eventual retirement than by working with the CBD team.

What we hear from our pre-retirement clients:

  • How much risk is smart for me at this stage?
  • What should I do about Social Security?
  • Knowing what I have, when could I realistically retire?
  • How do I get paid once I retire?
  • What happens to my 401(K) money after I retire?
  • Will I be able to sustain my lifestyle without a salary?

Giving you honest, informed advice and guidance about your retirement goals is what we do. Now’s the time to start truly planning for the future you want.