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Market Thoughts for December 2019 Thumbnail

Market Thoughts for December 2019

November was another great month for U.S. markets, although international markets didn’t fare as well. Still, the news was positive given the worrying headlines on the Hong Kong riots and the ongoing trade dispute. Here in the U.S., consumer confidence remained at a strong level, and business confidence bounced back. Plus, job growth beat expectations, and new home sales were up.

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Market Thoughts for November 2019 Thumbnail

Market Thoughts for November 2019

October was a great month, with U.S. markets doing well and international markets doing even better. This positive news was surprising, given the impeachment inquiry, weak job growth, and declining business confidence. Still, major sectors of the economy remain strong. Consumers continue to earn and spend more. Plus, the Fed has gotten behind the markets with rate cuts at its last two meetings. But is there volatility ahead?

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3rd Quarter Market Commentary Thumbnail

3rd Quarter Market Commentary

Financial markets showed mixed results for the third quarter of 2019. U.S stocks finished up, while International stocks struggled with losses. Bonds were also positive, as interest rates moved lower. The quarter showed continued wage growth and strong consumer spending, both good signs for future economic growth.

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Market Thoughts for October 2019 Thumbnail

Market Thoughts for October 2019

September was a pretty good month, with U.S., international, and emerging markets all up. These results were surprising given the month’s events, including a drone strike on a Saudi oil complex and the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Still, the fundamentals remained solid. New and existing home sales went up. We also saw strong personal income growth, leading to strong retail sales growth.

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