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2019 Midyear Outlook Thumbnail

2019 Midyear Outlook

The first half of 2019 has been eventful. Despite some economic and political worries, the markets have not been a bad place to be. Markets have moved up, pulled back sharply, and then bounced back again.

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Market Thoughts for July 2019 Thumbnail

Market Thoughts for July 2019

June was a great month for markets around the world, capping off a strong second quarter. With so many worries about slowing growth, earnings, geopolitics, and trade, why are we seeing such strength? The Fed’s more dovish comments at the June meeting had a lot to do with pushing markets up. Plus, the economic data—from retail sales to housing—is solid. For all the worry, things are actually pretty good.

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Market Thoughts for June 2019 Thumbnail

Market Thoughts for June 2019

May was a tough month, with U.S. and international markets down. At the same time, last month’s decline could be considered modest, and it was not based on fundamentals. Instead, it was all about confidence, which was rattled by a reignited trade war with China and proposed tariffs on Mexico. Still, there was some good news. Consumer spending picked back up, and job growth remained strong.

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