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Our Services

At CBD wealth, we are much more than just a money management firm. Our job is to guide you through life’s financial decisions. We know that big financial decisions - like when you can retire, whether you can afford a new home, and how best to pay for a college education - cause stress. That’s why we’ve built our firm with a team of compassionate experts ready to navigate you throughout the process as simply and efficiently as possible. Sure, we manage money, provide insurance, estate planning and handle company retirement plans – and we are really good at those things – but what makes us stand out from the crowd is our expertise in seamlessly guiding you through life’s big financial decisions.

CBD Core Services

Over our more than 15 years advising retirees and pre-retirees, we’ve developed a proven process to help you clearly define, not only where you are in the retirement transition, but also to help you identify your short and long-term goals.

Once your goals are clear, we work with you to create a highly personalized and straightforward roadmap that helps you achieve your retirement dreams. Our 7 Point Process will address: