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Company Retirement Plans

Company retirement plans can be complicated. Our extensive experience consulting with employers has led us to one simple conclusion:

Plan sponsors want a single point of contact to handle their retirement plan needs

That’s where we come in. We serve as YOUR consultant, coordinating all facets of your retirement plan, interpreting all the industry jargon to explain your plan and your role in clear and concise language. Let us serve as the point person for all interaction with the custodian of your assets, your third-party administrator, the plan’s auditor, and your employees. Let us be your plan’s “401(k) interpreter.”

The Six Essentials of a successful CBD retirement plan


    The Plan Fiduciary


    A “named fiduciary” is a person who is primarily responsible for the overall operations and administration of a company’s retirement plan. At CBD Wealth Management, we act as an ERISA 3(21) Investment Advisor, assisting plan sponsors with their employer retirement plans. As a co-fiduciary, we assist with regulatory obligations, investment selection and overall oversight of your plan. We’ve got your back.


    Plan Design and Compliance


    One size does not fit all when it comes to retirement plans. As YOUR consultant, we can help you determine the design that maximizes your contributions, minimizes your tax liabilities and provides the most benefit for your employees. Let our expertise be your guide as we analyze every type of plan and plan design to determine the plan that is right for you. Then, we’ll be with you every step of the way to navigate through the complexity of ERISA compliance.


    Selection and Monitoring of Plan Investments


    As a Plan Sponsor, it’s vital that your retirement plan has a balanced selection of exceptional, cost-effective investment options. Rely on us to use our comprehensive investment selection monitoring process to diligently and objectively sort through the noise. Among other things, we will create an investment policy statement to provide guidelines to govern the selection and management of your investment options and assist you in designating the appropriate QDIA for your plan.


    Plan Participation and Education


    What good is a retirement plan if your employees aren’t using it? As your partner, we will:

    • measure your plan participation and deferral rates along with the average number of funds each participant owns and benchmark those results against industry averages
    • implement features like automatic enrollment automatic deferral increases and QDIA if appropriate
    • design an education strategy that ensures your employees understand the value of the plan
    • provide one-on-one financial planning advice to your employees

    Service the CBD Way


    This is our “special sauce.” A retirement plan should be a tool to guide your employees towards a meaningful retirement, not bog you down with day-to-day administrative burdens. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. More and more, we hear complaints from human resource managers and plan sponsors of the difficulty they have in administering their plan. Most 401(k) consultants help plan sponsors pick investments and that’s it. Don’t settle. Your employees deserve better.

    Do you have a single point of contact when you have questions about your company retirement plan? When you have questions, do you get clear, concise answers that you’re able to understand? If not, give us a call.




    Simply stated, benchmarking is the process of reviewing and evaluating your plan to determine if it’s appropriate for your current needs or needs some updating. Every three years or so, we’ll conduct an in-depth benchmarking of your plan. We’ll look at things like:

    • Plan design - do we need to make any changes to the eligibility, contribution amounts, vesting schedule, etc.?
    • Service Providers - is your current recordkeeper continuing to meet your needs? Are there products, platforms or services that can be added? Has the plan reached a size that allows for a price break?
    • Fees - are your fees in line with industry averages? Using our extensive database, we’ll compare your “all-in fee” to those in the industry and make sure we get you a competitive deal.